This therapy teaches us to see how the dualities affect our mind and how their origin, the false ego, causes all conflicts inside dualities such as lust, wrath and hate.
Light is more than just a part of duality and darkness is simply loss of light.

Colors and characters
See order in a seeming chaos. Here we contemplate our path and task in life from a Yogi's point of view. This therapy opens up the door to go beyond the dualities.

We will need to make many desicions in our life and there are many reasons to our priorities that we may  not always be aware of.  This therapy wants to make us attentive about the differences between making desicions motivated by:


Hopefully this therapy can help us to live up too our most heartly ideals.

This is an entertaining and revealing therapy than definitely helps us to think constructively of our personality/character.

All of us wants to be loved and have someone to love. But are we ready to pay the price? In this therapy we reflect upon the differences between love and lust.

Peace of mind
The mind is a machine of excuses. Many people suffer from their mind in form of anxiety, kneading and irritation. In this therapy we study the different reasons of the mind's restless nature and hopefully we can see what we ought to do to still it.

How important is the kind of sound we hear in the beginning of our life? This therapy is an observation of how sound influences our consciousness and subconsciousness. 

In our life we meet many lies and truths. Where can you put your trust and where do you need to protect yourself?
Through commercials and propaganda we are even spurred to deny truths regarding our of wellbeing. In this therapy we reflect upon how on can separate truth from lies.

"Truth stands on its own merits and truth must be valid for everyone."