Art is made by human beings, and human beings can be conscious of being conscious. The highest purpose of art is to express this self-awareness and encourage its further development.

is pure awareness as distinguished from its contents, the objects of awareness. Consciousness can be aware of anything, including itself. Consciousness is found only in living entities, and therefore it is the source of the living force. It is transcendent, non-material, self-referential, absolute and ever-fresh.

Consciousness is unlimited and eternal by nature. It apparently becomes limited when it mistakenly identifies itself with the qualities of its contents: the objects of the material senses and the thoughts of the material mind. The qualities of material objects are imperfect, limited and transient. When we empty our consciousness of the qualities of material objects, isolate and concentrate it in meditative states, it acquires new attributes and functions unique to itself. These purified states of consciousness are inherently and unconditionally (causelessly) pleasurable.

History shows us that people who are developed in consciousness perform more beneficial activities and have more profound influence on society than people who are ignorant of the art of consciousness. Art (or any activity) without a higher conscious purpose ultimately leads to a lower state of consciousness. This is the root cause of all the problems of life.

The best welfare activity for human society is to promote educational and artistic activities that expand the field of knowledge of consciousness and encourage the development of consciousness in the individual. Art aligned with the purpose of consciousness has tremendously beneficial cultural value. 

The website offers all artists who work in the field of consciousness a free, unlimited venue to display works of Conscious Art to the people of the world.

Who is a conscious artist?

A conscious artist
wants to promote the values of goodness and purity.

A conscious artist likes to share his inspirations and creations with others.

A conscious artist wants his work to be an instrument of the Absolute Truth.

A conscious artist wants to utilize his art to help all people without limitation or discrimination.

A conscious artist searches for ways to express his sadness about the abuse of this world and its living creatures by misuse of free will by ignorant people.

A conscious artist tries to see the eternal conscious principle behind the mundane duality, and tries to show others the way to gain such perception. A conscious artist learns how to distinguish between light and darkness, good and bad, and feels a strong commitment to universal love. A conscious artist appreciates all other conscious artists without discrimination of caste, color, religious background etc.

If you feel that one of more of the above descriptions of a Conscious Artist apply to you, we will be happy to include some of samples of your work on for others to see and to be able to contact you. All artists need promotion, especially if they make their living through their artistic activities. We therefore also invite all art promoters, galleries etc. to try and help humanity by helping our conscious artists and by promoting their work to the people of this world. 

As you see, we accept any type of art contribution, from architecture to painting, sculpture and even computer art. We consider the language of art very useful to announce the message of love to humanity. Conscious art is beyond sectarian limitation. Beauty, sweetness and love form the substance of the aesthetics in the mode of goodness. We welcome your opinions about your ideas of conscious art and this project in general. 

We welcome any friend of the Harmony School of Conscious art to recommend any interesting art contribution in any art category which you consider a valuable contribution to the development of consciousness on this planet Earth. We will report such contributions in a section titled "Appreciation of Conscious Art Contributions." Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to make a suggestion about our program.